Kagerou Project Character Postcard Sets

Vigor House has two sets of Kagerou Project postcards, by two different illustrators.

The first features the girls of the Mekaku City Actors, in various western-styled dresses, illustrated by Pazlaw. You may find the illustration style familiar, as Pazlaw is also responsible for illustrating the KagePro Character and Song Straps. This set consists of 8 postcards, measuring 10 x 14cm each, and comes in an specially-designed envelope.

The second set features the entire group of Mekaku City Actors, all in their chibi and adorable forms, illustrated by  @糯米团子猫殿下 and @麦茶学长, from the doujin group HLT. This set consists of 10 postcards, measuring 10 x 15cm each.

This is my first attempt at bringing in postcard sets to see if these are actually feasible (as long as it doesn’t make a loss) for DoujinGO. As the postcards are already priced at bare minimum cost price, there will be not further Early Bird discount on this product.

So if you’re interested, do grab a set! :)